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This is a week full of all kinds of remarkable astrological activity. Much of it goes well beyond the scope of a weekly horoscope, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention them. I will try to stick as best I can to the smaller issues that are likely to have more of an immediate effect on your personal life.

…And what does it tell you about the week ahead when the first of those “smaller issues” is a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius? I always tell people that a New Moon is a great time to dedicate yourself to changing the things you want to change in your life in the following month. A Solar Eclipse is essentially a very amplified New Moon. It would be a shame to let that go by unused.

Venus is having a pretty good time this week, so when you’re managing your relationships you should probably lean on those qualities rather than trying to work things out with logic and sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with that sort of thing. In fact Mercury trine Mars is exact on Monday, and this can make for both talking a good game and talking someone into something sexually. But overall, Venus is the big winner this week.

For the most part this week, Venus is ending her run in Scorpio in fine form. On Monday, Venus sextile Jupiter is exact. This is a great opportunity for love and laughter and generally enjoying the more pleasant things in life.

This aspect combines with Venus sextile Saturn on Tuesday. Whereas the Venus-Jupiter aspect was all “love and light,” this aspect is a lot more solid and practical and potentially long-lasting. If you need to reboot things in your love life or your finances or with your diet, make an effort to address the issue specifically on Tuesday. On that day, both Venus and Saturn are in what is called the anaretic degree (the 29th degree) of their respective signs. In theory, this makes both especially powerful.

Before the end of the day on Tuesday, Venus slips out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. A lot of people like to pick on Venus in Scorpio, perhaps unfairly. But most people would generally agree that Venus in Sagittarius is an easier energy to deal with when it comes to romantic involvements. Bring some bounce to your love life, experiment with unusual foreign dishes, and feel free to get a little carried away with things.

And there we have it. See? You thought this week’s forecast might be big and complicated just because this week includes Saturn entering Aquarius on Thursday, followed by Jupiter entering Aquarius two days later — all building up to next week’s Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. That’s a huge deal of course, but here at Sasstrology? We’re all about the little moments people can share together. Let someone else worry about whether or not it’s The Second Coming or the beginning of the Robot Uprising!

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