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Venus seems like such a nice girl, doesn’t she? So sweet and caring, especially in Cancer. It’s just a shame that she’s going to be taking such a pummelling this week, and this of course implies potential stormy seas for your own personal love life.

If you’ve been following these things, you know by now that Mars in Aries is square Saturn and Pluto, and that this aspect has been raising hell with both personal lives and the world in general of late. Mars is now slowing down for the retrograde (which happens next week), and that’s making the grind even more difficult.

Sadly for Venus, this is the week she wanders into the middle of that fiasco. On Wednesday, Venus opposite Saturn is exact. Venus was already tattered and hungry after last week’s opposition to Pluto, and that aspect is still in effect. But Venus opposite Saturn adds a particular edge of dissatisfaction to it. Have you ever been on a strict protein diet and had a good time with it for the first three or four days, then suddenly realize you’d nearly kill someone for a nice thick slice of white bread? That’s the kind of emotional dissatisfaction we’re potentially looking at under these conditions.

Now: take the protein diet analogy from the last paragraph and imagine you have to work in a bakery all day long. And you are hungry. Very hungry. And you still have five hours left on your shift. That’s what Venus square Mars is going to feel like.

Venus square Mars is exact on Friday, just in time for the weekend. But even if you don’t have any plans, don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about missing out on all the unwise decisions you could make in your love life under this influence if you can’t get out. This aspect is in effect all week long and lingers into next week. Basically, imagine your sex drive has the gas pedal to the floor, while all the other Mars, Saturn, and Pluto aspects are pushing down on the brake. Congratulations, you’re spinning in circles in the parking lot of love!

So is there anything good to say about this week’s aspects? Sure there is! Mercury sextile Venus is also exact on Friday, and whatever situations you may find yourself, that aspect will give you an opportunity to artfully talk your way out of them, or at least apologize for the damage.

Finally, on Sunday, Venus enters Leo. This won’t be a magic cure-all for your romantic, dietary, and budget issues. But at least it will be a nice change of pace, it won’t make too many difficult aspects to any other planets, and Venus in Leo is always good for a bit of fun. Hang in there, it’s only a week away!

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