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There’s an old punch line to an old joke that may not in fact have ever existed. You may have heard it before: “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” This week’s outlook reminds me a little of that.

Mars in Aries has been making things difficult for the last few weeks, with a square to Jupiter and then a square to Pluto. Mars completes that trilogy this week with Mars square Saturn, which is exact on Monday but sprinkles its cranky, stubborn, potentially terrible magic over the entire week. You know that screaming fit you’ve been holding in for about a month now? Keep it under wraps. There will be a time to release it — and I’ll get to that later.

By now you probably know that there is a lot more to the astrology of love and relationships than just Mars. Venus is the first place we often look to when it comes to romance and affection. This week Venus is a little impaired too… but in a sweeter and more manageable way.

Whereas Mars has been agitated by squares to Jupiter and Pluto, Venus grows a deep sense of longing this week because of three major aspects.

Tuesday, Venus opposite Jupiter is exact. This might create some emotional tension, but for the most part, even though it’s an opposition, it’s often a good time to party and to flirt. That sounds like a fun release from all the turbulence, doesn’t it? As always though, be careful. There’s a virus out there. Also, jerks. Plenty of jerks.

On Thursday, Venus trine Neptune is exact. This aspect can make for genuine good times and good feelings, whether it is with a loved one, spending money, or learning a new recipe.

Those last two aspects are still in effect on Sunday, when Venus opposite Pluto is exact. This aspect is a little edgier than the previous two that I mentioned, but might not be as tense as it sounds. Overall though, your appetites (both literal and figurative) are likely to get more demanding.

You’ve got to admit that this week’s forecast sounds a lot more positive than they have in the last two or three weeks. So: back to the opening premise of this week’s horoscope. Remember that joke about Mrs. Lincoln? Unfortunately in some ways this week’s horoscope is an ironic take on that joke. You see, Mars is slowing down in preparation for the retrograde that begins in September. As a result, Mars square Saturn is basically going to be in effect for the next three or four weeks at least. And then we get to repeat the square to Pluto.

I know. I’m tired too. We’ll get through all this yet, I swear.

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