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Two of the most important planets for relationships, Mercury and Venus, are changing signs this week and gaining a new perspective on things. But at least in the case of Mercury, that transition isn’t going to be all that smooth. Strap in, everyone!

The week begins under the influence of last Saturday’s Mercury opposite Pluto. Hopefully you’ve been able to avoid petty misunderstandings in the last few days and will continue to do so for the remainder of the week. However, since you’re reading this on the internet — the home of “petty misunderstandings” — this seems unlikely. Do try to keep a grip on that though, because the week begins with Mercury opposite Saturn. This will tend to put a sharper-than-average edge on everyone’s miscommunications. Try not to contribute to that.

Also on Monday, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius. Any Full Moon can bring an increased risk of conflict, but at least this one isn’t taking any difficult aspects from any other planet. Enjoy the temporary lunacy with a safe distance from others!

On Tuesday, Mercury enters Leo. In theory, this is not the greatest of placements. Mercury always has things to say, but Mercury in Leo doesn’t usually stop to edit itself before opening its mouth. On the other hand, Mercury in Leo is great for finding the words to express warmth and affection.

What’s really driving the action this week also happens on Tuesday. That’s when Mars square Jupiter is exact. I want everyone out there to be cautious with this one. Not only will this be in effect for the entire week, think of it as a prequel to the upcoming Mars square Pluto and Saturn that’s coming up. That’s right, the Saturn and Pluto situation that’s made all of 2020 a giant mess is about to be garnished with a spicy dash of Mars. For now though, just try to keep your temper and your sex drive safely stored in case you decide to take either out and wave it around unwisely.

Fortunately, there will be a bit of soothing relief for all of this starting on Friday. That’s when Venus enters Cancer. Venus in Cancer is generally a warmer and cuddlier version of that love energy than Venus in Gemini was. Get ready to take someone or something more seriously… and get ready for that to suddenly become an issue a few weeks from now when Venus is opposite Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. But hey, enjoy the fuzzy sentiments now while they last!

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