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Although none of the aspects are exact this week, Mars continues its slow progress through Aries, starting to slow down and prepare for the retrograde. That would be bad enough if it weren’t for the fact that it’s also square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn this week. Again, even though Mars square Jupiter has already passed, it is still having an effect. It’s making everything louder and more agitated. Meanwhile, we are still building up to the exact Mars square Pluto and Mars square Saturn aspect. Yes, that’s all at least as uncomfortable as it sounds.

There is plenty of hope to be had here too, though. Mercury trine Mars on Monday should at least give you the ability to apply your rational mind to the lunacy you are seeing in your life and make intelligent corrections. Ever notice how there isn’t enough calm and intelligent deliberation going around recently? This week will give you an opportunity to change that.

Tuesday brings us the second most important aspect of the week. Venus sextile Uranus would normally a be a bit of a lightweight aspect, and I admit it doesn’t sound like it’s tough enough to stand up to all the squares that are in play right now. But I think we, both as individuals and as a world, could stand a little more care and kindness (like Venus provides). The aspect to Uranus gives us new and unusual opportunities to share that.

So now: what’s the most important aspect of the week?

On Tuesday, the New Moon occurs at 26 degrees Leo. If you’ve been reading my work here for very long, you’ll know by now that I always make a big deal about the New Moon. Just like every month, it’s a great time to sit down, still your mind, and be clear with yourself about what changes you want to make in your world in the next month. You’ll notice, though, that I don’t usually tell you what affirmations you should make. That’s about to change this month.

Leo has a strong reputation for being loving, caring, and magnanimous. Doesn’t that sound like something we could all stand more of in the light of all the insanity happening around us? I’m not asking you to change your beliefs or your opinions or anything like that. There is way too much conflict in the world right now. It is soaking in it. The internet is soaking in it right now. Do your small part to make things better. Thank you in advance. I owe you one.

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