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It’s one thing to love someone, but quite another to act like it. Love is wonderful of course, but without an added layer of responsibility, it can end in bad results. In that spirit, let me do the responsible thing now and tell you the honest truth.

For a lot of us, this week is going to suck really hard.

Even though the exact aspect was last week, Mars square Jupiter is still in effect this week. This is a time when passions can flare up inappropriately, whether those passions are sexual, or simply the urge to throw a brick. Given the fiery and hard-to-restrain nature of Mars in Aries — and the flinty stubbornness of Jupiter in Capricorn — this aspect alone would be enough to put the kibosh on any kindness and light this week.

Once this week actually starts, there is not a lot happening to improve our lot in life. In fact, on Monday, Mercury square Uranus might end up impairing your ability to communicate — which is one of the primary ways to diffuse a difficult Mars transit.

The big astrological aspect that is exact this week is Mars square Pluto on Thursday. There’s no way around it: this aspect is a difficult one even under the best of circumstances. Tempers can easily go from hot to boiling, and from boiling to explosive. I can’t emphasize this enough, folks — stay calm and think carefully before you open your mouth or go for your gun.

I will be ending this week’s horoscope with some good news, but there is one last bit of bad news that needs to be covered first. Just as Mars square Jupiter was exact last week but is still an influence on this week, there is another aspect that isn’t exact until next week but likewise messes with the groove all week long. I am now referring to Mars square Saturn. Mars square Saturn is just downright dangerous. It is a time for deep cuts made in the wrong places and barbecues being lit with too much lighter fluid on them. Be careful with knives, explosives, and your emotions.

So where was that good news I promised? Here you go: your reward for making it through! All of the nasty Mars aspects mentioned in this forecast will, thanks to a retrograde, be coming back before the end of the year. A transit that repeats itself like that is often the chance to make a course correction on something important in your life. Pay attention now. Take notes. An opportunity will arrive in the upcoming months to make things much, much better in some part of your life that needed repair.

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