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If you think about it, your actions now and in the near future are contributing to what will one day be your history. I want you to take that approach with this week of your life, because this can be a time when you change your future history for the better — or for the worse.

There’s really only one major impactful, in-your-face transit happening this week, and I’ll get to that in a minute. Otherwise, it’s all pretty much Mercury. Why is that significant? Because Mercury doesn’t necessarily get a whole lot of press as far as planets go. It’s unassuming. It doesn’t make a fuss. But it does govern our rational functions and our use of words. And regardless of where the planets are at any given time, our rational functions and words are something that we can control a lot better than virus propagation or a crashing stock market.

Yes, we are under more stress right now than has ever happened in living memory for most of us. Yes, many of us feel like we could snap or explode. But one day, whenever that may be, we will be looking at all this as history. We will grieve our losses, regret our mistakes, but (hopefully) most of all will be able to take some pride in the times when we handled things right.

My point here is that the entire week is going to be influenced by Mars square Uranus, which is exact on Tuesday. Even under the best of circumstances, that’s an explosive aspect where your temper and your relations could get horribly out of hand. And you’ve got to admit that of late, things certainly feel like they’re wired to explode, don’t they?

You have an ally in Mercury this week, however. Tuesday is also the day that Mercury sextile Pluto is exact, and that will give you an opportunity to refocus and reframe the deep things worrying you, and to make better sense of your life.

On Tuesday night, Mercury sextile Jupiter is exact. This will give you a chance to lighten up on some of the darker thoughts that you may have found yourself feeling, having spent all that time inside of self-isolation and self-quarantine.

Finally on Saturday, Mercury sextile Saturn is exact. This is a chance for you to sensibly put your thoughts in order. You will be better able to communicate your wants and your needs to others. This will be a way for you to be heard without screaming.

Now, keeping all of this in mind? Carry on with your lives as best as you can under the shadow of a pandemic. Start telling the story you want your future to be. Be reasonable and be kind. Be the heroes that you wish you were.

Make me proud, people.

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