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This week the transits look absolutely fantastic for love and romance! But I have to be honest with you: that has me a little worried. And no, that’s not just because I’m hopelessly cynical about theses things. Allow me to explain.

The week begins with Venus sextile Mars. This is one of the surest aspects you can find that will increase the urge to socialize and/or mate with people. Whether you have an existing relationship that needs a little more of that, or if you are looking for someone to get together with, this aspect is going to be plenty of help. And let’s be honest here: a lot of people are sick and tired of “lockdowns” and “self-isolation,” so a little restlessness is bound to happen anyway. Just be careful out there!

That aspect rules over the first part of the week, but by the end of the week there is a distinct shift in the romantic weather. Friday is when Mars square Neptune is exact. Similar to a Venus-Mars aspect, a Mars-Neptune aspect can do wonders for your sex drive and your urge to socialize. But it can also be erratic, and can find you investing your Mars energy in the wrong target, or making bad choices with your sex drive.

Believe it or not, Saturday brings us yet another great aspect that isn’t helping as much as it would normally. Venus sextile Jupiter is normally a great time for laying on the romance and making things sweet and fun for everyone. But under the influence of the Mars-Neptune square? The Venus-Jupiter aspect might tend to make you a little more delusional, or make you more prone to believe the illusion that is being presented to you. It may be hard to sort out love from lust, and the Prince Charmings from the frogs.

In either case, the week ends with a bang. First of all there is a New Moon at 22 degrees Aries, and if you’ve been following my work you know I make a big deal about consciously starting a new cycle on those days. But also on Sunday, Venus is square Pluto. This aspect will tend to take the demand for care and attention too far, or someone might end up crossing that line with you.

In any case, having the week end with a New Moon means that (worst case scenario) if you really screwed up your love life and ended up with the wrong relationship (or in the wrong bed), you can reset things to do better in the next month. There — is that a happy ending?

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