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If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot more time on the internet recently than usual. You may have noticed that the environment out there is tending to get louder and dumber. That’s unfortunate. In a week like this where the news is all Mercury transits, I normally like to emphasize how communication can improve a relationship or help you develop a new one.

This week though? I’m advising everyone to sit down, shut up, and go away.

You see, we’re just coming off of Mercury square Jupiter and Mercury square Pluto. Those aspects will still be influencing the first part of this week. Taken individually, neither one of those aspects is great news for being able to communicate in a calm and rational manner. Put them together though? Imagine that there’s one guy who lives on your block who goes for a walk every day and shouts angry nonsense at the top of his lungs. This week? He’s shouting that angry nonsense through a megaphone. And he’s not walking, he’s riding a motorcycle. Specifically, he’s riding it over everyone’s lawns.

But the astrologically savvy among you may be puzzled by those conditions continuing this week. After all, Mercury enters Taurus on Monday. That should have a calming influence, shouldn’t it? Doesn’t Mercury in Taurus have a much better reputation for calm and self-controlled communications than Mercury in Aries does?

Normally you’d be right about all that. The problem this time around, though, is that on Tuesday, Mercury square Saturn will be exact. That will likely make for more verbal combat. It’s a really difficult placement for getting your words and thoughts out in a clear manner, and that can lead to frustration, which often just leads to more anger.

Things don’t improve much at all by Thursday night, when Mercury conjunct Uranus is exact. That’s when all this frustration just becomes more erratic and more explosive. You know how sometimes you blurt something out and a couple of seconds later you realize that you shouldn’t have, or should have phrased it much more delicately? That sort of thing isn’t just for Sagittarius anymore. With Mercury conjunct Uranus, everyone gets to be a Sagittarius this week!

Fortunately there are some easy ways to deal with this.

If you are in self-isolation all by yourself, great. You win! Now turn off the internet and stay away until Sunday when you come back here and the forecast will be considerably more optimistic.

If you are in self-isolation with someone else? Here’s a fun way to pass the time. First of all, stay away from the internet until next week. Have no verbal communication. Using supplies around your house, make a suggestion box. Have you and or your cohabitants write down suggestions and put them in the box rather than actually communicate with each other.

Then, on Sunday, burn the box unopened. Then come back here for hopefully better news. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for a motorcycle ride with my megaphone…

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