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There is plenty of Taurus energy to be had this week. Normally that would make for excellent conditions for the pursuit of romance. Unfortunately Venus in Taurus, which is the ruler of Taurus, is heading into a fairly rough stretch of territory. Overall, this transit of Venus through Taurus may not embody the usual gentle pursuits and physical pleasures it’s associated with. Think more of the old “bull in a china shop” analogy.

On Monday, both the Sun and Mercury enter Taurus. All else being equal, this should give you a fairly calm ability to smooth out any difficulties with the people in your life around you, but…

…Now we must discuss the first of two challenging aspects to Venus this week, which could make your love life a little unstable. On Thursday, Venus conjunct Uranus is exact. On the one hand, this could provide for some extra liveliness and creativity with both your relationships and your diet. In fact, if nothing much has been going on with your love life for some time, this might be a good time to upset that particular apple cart and get something going. However, if you are already in a relationship, this could make for some unwanted turbulence.

On Friday, Mars enters Cancer. This is generally considered to be a problematic place for Mars to be in. If Mars in Gemini was a little too flighty and ungrounded for you, though, maybe the smoldering and demanding nature of Mars in Cancer will be just your cup of tea. Overall though, this can be a difficult time for directing one’s anger, energy, and sex drive in the right direction. This will be the case until June 11, when Mars enters Leo. Try to hold it together until then, will you?

Venus conjunct Uranus made the romantic energy of the first part of this week a bit weird, but there is a chance that things may grind to an icy halt by the end of the week. On Sunday, Venus square Saturn is exact. You may find that on the weekend (and into next week) you have a hard time getting your romantic or financial ambitions off the ground. This can be a time when even stable relationships can face unexpected challenges. Be especially cautious on Sunday, because that’s when Mercury square Saturn is also exact. This combination could make for using unduly harsh words or having unnecessarily dark thoughts about others or life in general. Try to play nice with each other out there this week, okay?

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