Love Horoscope for the Week of April 12 —

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The romance outlook this week is highly charged, with Venus still in the grips of the square aspect to Pluto early in the week, and a number of aspects all coming together for the weekend. Don’t be too surprised if you have recurring impulses to over-shop, over-spend, or over-sext that ex of yours who isn’t into you anymore. Not everything has to be a damned challenge, Venus in (late) Aries!

The biggest Venus-related news of the week is on Wednesday, when Venus enters Taurus. This is generally thought of as being an excellent placement, since Venus is the ruler of Taurus. All else being equal, it should be a good time for starting or sweetening a relationship. Just keep in mind that Venus in Taurus is a bit too slow and lazy for its own good sometimes. It usually needs a kick-start from Mars. Don’t worry — that’s coming.

Interpersonal relations might get a bit touchy on Thursday and Friday. First the Sun is sextile Jupiter, and that’s normally a good thing… but it can also make people a little more loud with their egos. Generally though, you may find that a little flattery goes a little further than usual. Which reminds me: I love that top you’re wearing today.

On the next day, Sun square Pluto follows that “How you doin’?” mood up… and once again, there is a risk that you or someone close to you is going to get a little too high on their own supply. If someone isn’t repeatedly falling for your sales pitch, don’t take it personally. Just go knock on someone else’s door.

The biggest love and/or sex news for the weekend is Mars trine Jupiter. This is a time when all that pent-up energy can get released in a big and impressive way. Just make sure that you’ve got that thing pointed in the right direction before you pull the trigger.

…And figuring out where that trigger is and what the right target should be is going to be more difficult than usual. On Saturday, Mercury sextile Mars might make you impulsive, and Mercury square Pluto might make you want to rush through the reasoning process too much. So: think your moves through carefully this week, and don’t just rely on just Venus in Taurus to make everyone play nice with each other.

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