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We would also recommend using Weiser Books.

If you are not able to start with a course today, then researching and/or reading these books will offer you a way to gain some insight into what the School teaches without committing to the actual courses.

Course: Essential Witchcraft

  • Lecture I
    • History of Witchcraft, JB Russell isbn. 978-0-500-28634-0
    • God of the Witches, M. Murray isbn. 9781505640731
    • Triumph of the Moon, R. Hutton isbn. 0-19-285449-6
  • Lecture II
    • Our Dreaming Mind, R. L. Van De Castle isbn. 9780345396662
    • Dreams and What They Mean to You, M. Gonzales-Wippler isbn. 978-0-87542-288-6
    • For further research, we recommend: Lucid Dreaming, S. LaBerge isbn. 0-345-37410-X
  • Lecture III
    • The Huna Code in Religions, Max Freedom Long isbn. 978-1-312-82119-4
    • Huna, E. Hoffman isbn. 978-0914918035
  • Lecture IV
    • Good Witch’s Guide to Life, Frost and Frost isbn. 978- 1-889537-00-9
  • Lecture V
    • A Witch’s Grimoire of Ancient Omens, Portents, and Talismans, Frost and Frost isbn. 978-0139615573
    • For further research, we recommend: Cheiro’s Book of Numbers, ASIN B00086LOK0, also published online
  • Lecture VI
    • Hinduism, KM Sen isbn. 9780141018249
  • Lecture VII
    • Magic Power of White Witchcraft, Frost and Frost isbn. 9780135453681
  • Lecture VIII
    • Pendulum and Possession, W. Finch isbn. 978-0898610000
  • Lecture IX
    • Nature’s Medicine, R. Lucas isbn. 9780136105848
    • For further research, we recommend the School’s Psychic and Herbal Healing course. Also, look for an Advanced Psychic and Herbal Healing Course available in 2018.
  • Lecture X
    • Your Psychic Powers, H. Carrington isbn. 978-1602062665
  • Lecture XI
    • Astrology, R. Davison ASIN B00005VGLG
    • Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook, D. K. Smith isbn 978-1892881267
    • For further research, we recommend the School’s Astrology course available online in 2017.
  • Lecture XII
    • The Prophet, K. Gibran isbn. 9780394404288
    • Any book by the Mahatma Gandhi

Course: Mystical Awareness

  • Lecture I
    • Descent of Woman, E. Morgan isbn. 978-0285627000
  • Lecture II
    • Gods, Graves and Scholars, C.W. Ceram isbn. 978-0394743196
  • Lecture III
    • Druids, S. Piggott isbn. 978-0500273630
  • Lecture IV
    • Winged Pharoah, J. Grant isbn. 978-1585678860
  • Lecture V
    • Mabinogion isbn. 978-0199218783
  • Lecture VI
    • Women’s Mysteries, E. Harding isbn. 978-1570626296
    • When God Was a Woman, M. Stone isbn. 978-0156961585
  • Lecture VII
    • Third Wave, A. Toffler isbn. 978-0553246988
  • Lecture VIII
    • Cosmos, C. Sagan isbn. 978-0345539434
  • Lecture IX
    • Mists of Avalon, M.Z. Bradley isbn.  978-0345350497
  • Lecture X
    • Meta-Psychometry, Frost and Frost isbn. 978-0135785836
  • Lecture XI
    • Crystal Cave, M. Stewart isbn. 978-0060548254
  • Lecture XII
    • Personal Recommendation

Course: Psychic and Herbal Healing

  • Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs isbn. 978-0878576999

Library Books Used with the School's Courses

The School conducts a lending library system to help students find the books they need for the various courses.

To join the system, students pay a deposit fee of $20 plus a fee of $5.00 shipping and handling for each title they borrow.

Foreign students must be aware that international shipping on loaner books averages $20 per copy, not $5 per book, and that they are responsible for this expense.

When a student returns the borrowed book in good shape, the $20 is refunded; or that person can borrow the next book/title in the series for another $5.00 shipping and handling. When all the borrowed books are returned in good order, the book deposit is refunded upon request.

Please note that as we update the site and the courses, it is possible the book list here will also be updated.

As always, blessed be to those who seek. Yvonne Frost

Some of Yvonne's Favorite Books

Yvonne has carried a list of books around with her for years that she recommends. Here are some of the highlights for your reading pleasure:

Return from Heaven     Carol Bowman isbn. 978-0061030444 

Religion May be Hazardous to your Health      Eli Chesen isbn. 978-0883260463 

The God Delusion      Richard Dawkins  isbn. 978-0618918249 

The Chalice and the Blade     Riane Eisler   isbn. 978-0062502896 

Who Wrote the Bible      Richard Friedman isbn. 978-0060630355 

Eat to Live     Joel Furhman isbn. 978-0316120913 

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming     Stephen LaBerge isbn. 978-0345374103 

Pagan Christs      John Robertson isbn. 978-1500500023 

Why I am Not a Christian      Bertrand Russell isbn. 978-0671203238 


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