Letter for Parents

Greetings to Parents and Primary CareGivers.

If you are reading this, then obviously you care about your child’s spiritual exploration. We do too. Perhaps, one of us at the Church and School of Wicca was recently contacted by your child about our beliefs or your child is showing you this information in the hopes you will read it with an open mind and heart. We have created this page and our website for the whole family to share in the hopes that you can offer your child the opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about this belief system. We hope that you can allow your child to study Wicca while at home if this person desires, but if that is not the case, we also hope that your child will respect your wishes and wait until maturity to further pursue this path.

Things that we can reassure you about:

It is an arduous process for your child as she or he goes about establishing an adult identity. Your love and support will help make certain that you continue to have a constructive relationship through this very trying time and on into adulthood. Interest in Wicca does not mean that your child is interested in Satan. Your child may still be interested in Christianity or the household’s religion, but may need to explore other paths to recognize the truths inherent in all religions and in the family’s religion. Before you react strongly to any of your child’s requests, please remember that out of all the very negative options available to a teenager, yours has chosen religious exploration instead of … well, we all see too much of that in the news today. We do not proselytize and are in no way recruiting your child. Through extensive research, your child has found us. If you do want to find a local teacher for your child, please make sure that anyone you meet will allow you to attend any classes and that there is no behavior that would make you in any way suspicious. Our materials come through the mail and are things that you can read together if you wish to do so.

The Church and School of Wicca will make any effort necessary to reassure you about your child’s interests. Please feel free to write with questions you might have concerning our courses, etc. You will probably get our daughter, Jo Bronwyn Frost. Please be assured that we feel she is fully capable in answering your questions–she has been our child and is now a parent facing issues similar to yours and your child’s in her life.

Blessed be,
Gavin and Yvonne Frost

If you wish to order a course that you can begin with your young person while in your home, we recommend the Natural Wicca Survey course, which is six lectures and an overview to many esoteric ideas.An option with an even lower commitment level is to order our book, The Good Witch’s Guide to Life, which can help your young family member begin exploring alternative paths in a safe way while, hopefully, questioning you about ideas that come up while reading this book.

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