Legal Molestation of Children – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

We use this title deliberately because there has been the usual upsurge of innuendo and pointless discussion of “The Witch’s Bible”. A few people baselessly claim that the book encourages child abuse. It clearly does not.

However, the United States government subsidizes and supports legal child abuse with our tax dollars. In 2007 CE in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the school board decided that they would enforce the 100 percent vaccination program that would allow them to get more federal dollars. The school board issued summonses to the parents of 2,300 children who had not had all the seventeen (17) immunizations alleged to be vital to child health and safety. The summonses were delivered in the usual militaristic way by the sheriff’s department, commanding the kids and their parents to show up at a central school location so that the kids could be duly vaccinated … or to appear in court and to suffer unspecified consequences–including jail time and being expelled from school. Effectively this meant that the kids in question were forcibly vaccinated under the glare of gun-toting sheriff’s deputies who doubtless wore all their clanking, polished symbols of power, along with de-personalizing sunglasses. This caused lasting trauma to the children and a new and powerful reason to hate the police.

Now we need to look at the known–the proven–effects of vaccination. It has been proven time and time again that such vaccinations cause autism. In the last ten years, according to the Department of Health and Human services, the occurrence of autism in this nation’s children has quadrupled. By 2032 it is projected that all male children in the United States who are vaccinated will be autistic. During the Reagan administration public law 99/660 was passed protecting Big Pharma from the results downstream of poisonous vaccinations. You cannot sue Big Pharma if a vaccination legally required happens to cause autism, disability, or death in your child. That is the law.

The Amish population have gotten a blanket exception to the vaccination/immunization program on religious grounds. In the Amish population, there has not been a case of polio or smallpox in thirty (30) years, and the Amish children have little or no autism. What we are wondering is whether or not Wiccans can come together to save their children from the results of vaccination, by getting our own religious exception to the law. Such an exception could be worded in such a way that if parents wanted their children to be vaccinated, they could be. Parents and their kids would have a choice instead of being coerced. As any thinking parent should know, though, these mandatory vaccinations are dangerous and are purposeless.

Can we Wiccans come together as a group to fight this real menace to our children? Wouldn’t it be great if we all worked together for once? Reflect on what is at stake. Ask the parent of an autistic child how that parent’s life differs from yours. How would you like to live with a child whose body is present but whose mind is missing?

The public law mentioned above sets up a special office of masters to judge whether or not a child has been damaged by a vaccination. To date it has paid out over $2 billion in compensation –from tax money, not from Big Pharma.

We need a title for this effort. What about
                                             Wiccans against Forcible Immunization–WAFI?


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