Lack-of-Progress Report – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

Yesterday, May 9, Gavin had a discussion with his neurosurgeon. The doctor handed down a decree that we Frosts had both dreaded but had been unwilling to face: Doctor G. wanted Gavin grounded: a minimum of walking, a minimum of traveling in a car, and a minimum of meeting people. Gavin had been counting on having such restrictions lifted.
Troops, this means for starters that we will not be able to attend the Blue Ridge Beltane Festival. We’re heartbroken because we had been immensely looking forward to the event. We don’t know what the future holds. (Maybe that’s a good thing, owing to the merciful nature of the Guides. If we knew … ) We still hope we’ll be going to Michigan Pagan Fest outside Detroit, scheduled for the end of this month, as well as to Sirius Rising and SummerFest in New York State, though we have no written guarantee. Either way, we’ll keep this site updated as we learn firm information.
Many of you have offered healing energy, and we accept such energy gratefully. A couple of people have been surprised when Gavin said, “Don’t send energy for pain relief; stay with the healing energy.” Why his declining? Pain indicates that there is a problem; relief is just a band-aid temporarily covering up the signals of a Situation and encouraging the sufferer to do rash behaviors. So Gavin prefers to stay with the pain. When it goes away, then he can feel confident that everything has been healed.
We’re heeding Doctor G.’s skilled, trained counsel, and heeding it gratefully. What do we get in these capers? One chance. That’s it. No second-guessing, no rehearsals, no winding Time backward. We’d be stupid and obstinate beyond the English language to express if we disregarded skilled advice, put our heads down, and set out to prove something. Instead we’ll leave that to the people who suffer from testosterone poisoning.
That’s all for today. Again, thanks much for your kind words and for the energies you’re sending to us.


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