Going to Brushwood

Hi, readers of this site, and merry meet!

It’s a sign that Gavin is getting better: We’re off to Sirius Rising and SummerFest at Brushwood Folklore Center, setting off on Sunday July 15 and driving gently northward. Of course this means that the School’s mail will be a little bit delayed, though not so much as it has been a couple of times during the worst of Gavin’s health problems. We’ll get it all back on schedule as soon as we can. Don’t go away; don’t lose hope. We’re still here.

We’d love to see some of you troops there. Oops–not just some of you, but any or all of you. Save mid-July 2013 for what can be a life-changing experience. See


to get precise dates and all the particulars. Blessed be all. Gavin and Yvonne

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