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Just came in from the garden. It’s getting to be a desert because our rainwater barrel is empty and, given our fixed income, our city water bill won’t stand any increase. Somehow in this long drought we’ve been having the bugs have decided to flourish, eating everything green in sight. Now if we could train ’em to cut the lawn while we were away, that would be the one positive aspect to the situation.
We’re traveling this month to Arkansas for Pagan Pride Days, first to Little Rock for the weekend of September 8/9, and then on to Fayetteville for the weekend of 15/16. Our thanks to the good people who have gone to much trouble to make this happen. Then back home for a short time before we venture out to Toledo, Ohio for October 19/20/21. Come and meet us and press the flesh, or discuss your differences with us.
We thought we’d leave our readers with some ideas to think about while we’re running around. Try these on.
Fanaticism masks doubt.
I never taught a man archery who did not ultimately use me as his target.
Accusation is not evidence.
When men make a desolation, they call it peace.
You should know that these quotes are very old. It might be entertaining to look them up.
Blessed be.


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