Fall Of Efrafa, Elil (Full Album) – Music –

Band : Fall Of Efrafa
Album : Elil
Released: Sep 2007

1. Beyond The Veil 00:00
2. Dominion Theology 20:31
3. For El Ahraihrah To Cry 40:57

Beyond The Veil Lyrics:

In our haste we crowned a king
In our haste we bore his sin
In our haste we saw him god
In our haste; born again

Not in life but words of fiction
Another fable carved in stone
His crucifix a graven image
Impotent faith, to die alone

A bastard son of a bastard god
Stolen saviors of ancient tome
Misshapen idols in manmade temples
A bloodied hand across our mouths

Man the martyr; self appointed king
Lied in blood this selfish sin
Cast aside our sanity
The trinity of filth and lies

His majestic pestilent form
A rotted visage of our vanity

A cross a star a glyph
Burnt into our flesh
From our untimely birth
Cast upon us until death
And so we stand, ever waiting the end
Eyes skyward, ever waiting the end
Vacuous words read by naïve eyes
Coaxed out of pages, best forgotten
Cast a trillion shadows in their wake
Lay waste to all that we know

Bloated apes feign ignorance
Cloth to hide our guilt the stems
Our murderous nature in pastel rouge
This morality we attempt to fain

Man built God creates the veil
It hangs before us all and waits
Those who choose its warm caress
Dignify this empty fate

angelic mythos cracked in the kiln
Shards embedded in the mouths of liars
Charged nature as unfit
disfigured the sanctity of love
Tore down all that is good, all that is whole

Dominion Theology lyrics:

Blessed be
thy torment;
Bound to the cadaver of the righteous
Our dutiful dead;

Dispose of this land in renewed valour
For we have slain the pitiful
Scoured this repugnant plain
With our cleansing touch

With vigour I blind my sight
Tranquil I resign my fate
Willing I cut my loins
For you have bled for us
You have died for us

Bind up thy wicked tongues
Sew shut her shameful lust
Burn up the sodomites
For they have wronged you
They have opposed you

Our vainglorious divinity
Fertile manure of the oppressed
Seething in cruor of the devout
Lives shed in adoration of you

Pardon the meek inheritance
Your words blanch skin bleach white
Cast out all other creeds
Gomorra filth;
worthless kin

Darwin’s soiled grievance
Truth outweighed by the dumb
No reason in his domain

The deafening throng
The rapturous ascent
Of lives left in forfeit
Our last lament

This selfish appraisal
Lives lifted above
Bereft of all love

For El-Ahraihrah To Cry lyrics:

Fu inlé; these clouds bode ill
From the earth we ran out;
That eve, that heralded night

For Man came knocking at our doors
Sank teeth within our homes

In those quiet hours,
where the elil ruled
The sky, the ground, our thoughts
We prayed for pity
but received none
We gasped for breath
But no breath came

Forgive us el ahrairah!
Prophet of two faces;
deceitful, delirious
Right hand of embleer frith,
Bore down on us all
Scattering minds like skeleton leaves
Hrair thethuthinnang
Weak willed we were, incoherent

Frith the lagging star,
hung on pitch fork lies
Weak willed we were, incoherent

Slay him down
deific abhorrence
slay him down

Frith lies still in charred soil
we silflay upon his bones
dance in his carrion eyes
tare his flesh with ideas
bore within him like worms
bore within him like worms

Frith the lagging star,
hung on pitch fork lies
Weak willed we were, incoherent

Slay him down

Embellished with
caustic runes
Buried cities,
burrow graves
We stand in
ragged rows

Tharn Eyes sullen with loss

Disembodied he wanders the wastes
Three headed elil
Frith, ahrairah, inlé
Baying for our heed

Cloying at our arms
eyes wet with tears
But we will not cry for you
We will not cry for you

We march in atrophy
His hands still claw and swoon
Sombre we tread
In quiet regress
Amidst the fallen
Friend and fetid foe
Their blood smears as one
And so our cause is whole
Warrens yawn wide
Engulf us all in tow

We will lie here
Beside these vanquished souls
We never ceased feeling
We only opened our eyes
Ended half said prayers
this fallen lord we vilify



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