ËDÏËH – Spring Songs (Full Album)

One-man Black-Metal / Neo-Folk artist from China.

Spring Songs (2012)

“Spring Songs” is dark, beautiful & melancholic hymns dedicated to the spring forest.
For all fans of Empyrium, Ulver, Uaral and Of the Wand & the Moon.

1. Awakening: 00:00
2. Trace of Ostara: 03:13
3. Grey Green Forest: 06:46
4. Grove of Ostara: 10:00
5. Re-turning the Wheel of Year: 14:56
6. Sandy Storm: 20:02
7. Murmur of Ostara: 23:31
8. Skeins of Clouds: 30:42

All rights reserved to ËDÏËH and Pest Productions.


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