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Introduction – The Third Power (Kundalin) 2023 Psychic Energy is All Around You Interaction with the Force Tantra Reliance on Self Summary Lecture II Questionnaire Introduction- The Selfless Tantric Group Selflessness The House and the Ashram The Mare and the Hare The Young, the Old, and the Ugly The Diadic Couple What a Tantrist Wears Financing the House Summary Lecture III Questionnaire Introduction- Cycles in Tantric Life Future Serenity The Moon Cycle The Sexual Moon Cycle Perfection Other Sexual Contacts A Day in a Tantric House Heterosexuality and Homosexuality The Great Year Cycle of Tantra Summary LECTURE IV QUESTIONNAIRE Introduction- Purification Types of Purification Exercises Combinations Summary LECTURE V QUESTIONNAIRE Introduction – Psychic Development Your Awareness Training Guide The Aura Developing Your Fingertip Color Detector You Can Also Detect Heat and Cold Your Shirt-Button Ability Developer The ‘Color’ of Your Output Summary LECTURE VI QUESTIONNAIRE Introduction- Meditating on the Lotus “I” and “Me” – The Duality within You Lotus-Stem Meditation A Practical Experiment Tantric Lotus-Stem Meditation Male Practice The Stem Meditation Female Masturbation and Meditation Maithuna Is Training Daydreaming Opening of the Lotus or Lotus-Petal Meditation Protection First Steps in Outward Meditation First Meditation Follow Up Summary LECTURE VII QUESTIONNAIRE Introduction- The Chakras The Chakras are in “I”, not in “Me” Description of the Chakras The Illumination and Activation of the Chakras Making You Understand the Chakra Gods and Goddesses in the Chakras The Chakras Themselves The Chakra of Thought The Crown or Secret Chakra Understanding the Base Chakra when It Is Approached from Below Signposts that Will Get You into the Chakra The Ritual for the Base Chakra Base Chakra – Guided Meditation Maithunic Marriage Summary LECTURE VIII QUESTIONNAIRE INTRODUCTION – ACTIVATING THE MIDDLE CHAKRAS (PELVIC, NAVEL, HEART, AND THROAT) Pelvic Chakra Navel Chakra Heart Chakra Throat Chakra Summary LECTURE IX QUESTIONNAIRE Introduction- Illuminating the Chakras Throat Chakra from Above Heart Chakra from Above Navel Chakra from Above Pelvic Chakra from Above Base Chakra from Above Summary LECTURE XI QUESTIONNAIRE Introduction- Creating your Developmental Spiral Creation Chauvinistic Creation? Sacrifice Worship Entering the Spiral of the Chakras Raising the Serpent Other Methods of Raising the Serpent Transcending the Appetites Understanding and Relinquishing Summary LECTURE XII QUESTIONNAIRE Statement on non – binary culture for Tantra Brow Chakra from Below Signposts for the Brow Chakra from Below The Ritual for the Brow Chakra from Below Signposts for the Crown Chakra from Below Signposts for the Brow Chakra from Above Beyond the Secret Chakra The Tantric Path to the Secret Chakra Crown Chakra from Above Signposts for the Crown Chakra from Above Crown Chakra from Below Brow Chakra from Above Ritual for the Brow Chakra Brow Chakra – Guided Meditation Warning

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