Essential Witchcraft Course


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We hope you are excited and intrigued by your investigation of Wicca, the religion of Witchcraft. You may already have had some ‘unusual’ experiences that you think may be related to the Craft; to us such experiences are logical, everyday occurrences. Also, you may have read several books on the subject of the Craft, or talked with friends about it. By now you may have developed your personal version of what Isaac Bonewits calls a ‘mishmash’ theology. The purpose of this lecture is to guide you in turning the mishmash and your experiences into a firm, logical foundation for your understanding and your future work.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Other Lessons


Author: Bronwyn Frost

In the early part of the lecture we told you what to look for when searching for a coven. Go back over these guidelines now

Alkaline Foods and Soaps

Author: Bronwyn Frost

Research supports the (acid) sour is good principle. Micro-organisms are often grown in the laboratory for study, and they are known to thrive in an

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