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Basic Astrology - The Church and School of Wicca

Basic Astrology

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Basic Astrology

From The Church and School of Wicca, est. 1968, in partnership with Glenn Malec The ancient Babylonians named the then known planets after their gods. Today the planets’ names…

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Basic Astrology – Introduction – I

This course was prepared by an astrologer who has completed a process of education at different levels that eventually rewarded him with formal accreditation (see Lecture IV).  He has written…

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Basic Astrology – Keyword System – II

The easiest way to remember astrology is by the system of keywords. Keywords exist for all the signs, planets and houses. As you learn these keywords, it will be easier…

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Basic Astrology – Charts – III

As you read sections of the lectures, you may be prompted to say, “This isn’t me” or “I’m not like that.” The effect of Sun sign astrology, the stuff you…

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Astrology – Types of Horoscopes – IV

A chart can either be cast by hand or computer. The mathematical computation of a horoscope is called the casting. The most accurate chart is one done by a reliable astrology…

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Astrology – Branches of Astrology – V

Astrologers have many different areas that they may specialize in if they so choose.   Natal Astrology: The basis for all study, this branch deals with an individual’s birth chart, his potentials…

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Astrology – Your Horoscope – VI

Your horoscope is based on tropical astrology. This assumes (correctly) that everything in the universe is moving. The other type of astrology is called sidereal. This is popular with Asia’s Indian astrologers. Sidereal…

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Basic Astrology – The Lectures – VII

Your basic course has four lectures, each containing a wealth of information. You will study:  Lecture I – Planets: Learn the symbols, glyphs and meanings of the heavenly bodies that…

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