Introducing the Craft of the Wise

The course contains many spiritual truths which should make you more comfortable with the world in which you live. It offers an explanation of your role in the great workings of the cosmos, and it describes magical techniques that operate to influence future events.


Essential Witchcraft Course

We hope you are excited and intrigued by your investigation of Wicca, the religion of Witchcraft. By now you may have developed your personal version of what Isaac Bonewits calls a ‘mishmash’ theology. The purpose of this lecture is to guide you in turning the mishmash and your experiences into a firm, logical foundation for your understanding and your future work.


Basic Astrology

Basic Astrology This is the Church and School of Wicca's Basic Astrology course as written by Glenn Malec. You need look no further for excellent resources. Welcome to the fascinating and revealing world of astrology, the most complex of the ancient predictive methods. The astrology of today was set down into a useable system by [...]


Introduction to Tantric Yoga

You will be introduced to the secrets of a Tantric House with a definite Wiccan spiritual aspect. You must have taken the Essential Witchcraft course prior to embarking on this spiritual/physical endeavor.


Practical Sorcery

You will learn, in a fully immersive hands-on course, the procedures to creating and conducting sophisticated rituals. You will need to have taken the Essential Witchcraft course ahead of taking Practical Sorcery because you need that experience before you take Practical Sorcery.

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