Could a Psychic Help ? – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

When all their clues in a crime have run dry, it is not uncommon for police forces to ask (even if they do so furtively) for the aid of their local psychic. Sometimes, though not always, a psychic’s suggestions and impressions can lead to the criminal being apprehended. We have many friends who are psychic, and they can–and do–tell us unusual things that turn out to be factually correct.
It occurs to us then that we have been put through a series of mystery plays about such things as the Oak Island treasure, the Egyptian ruins found in the Grand Canyon, and no end of such musings as those on (gasp) ancient aliens and similar quasi-scientific discoveries about the roots of our so-called civilization, the good old U.S.A.
“What an interesting invention! How can we use it to kill people?”
Perhaps these gaspers could be guided in a helpful way if they employed a psychic to tell them
a. Where to look and
b. What their discoveries really mean.
All too often, it seems, the discovery of a copper rivet or other minutiae causes the gaspers to go overboard. Often real scientific discoveries are dressed up and the point is lost in the fanfare of the gaspers.
Get over it, you guys. Don’t be surprised when you find that the Japanese really did get to South America or the Egyptians got to the Grand Canyon or the Norse actually sailed further south than Canada. Why wouldn’t they?
Blessed be G & Y


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