Consortiun of Wiccan Groups – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

It has been high in our list of priorities for many years that we who practice the Craft need greater numbers to speak with authority (with a single voice, if you will) on a range of topics.
It seems to us that the only way such a thing can happen is if we form a new consortium of churches and other groups to identify some shared ideas that we can all subscribe to. We believe that some form of democratic organization of associated groups will be able to speak with greater authority than we Frosts alone (or indeed, any isolated voice) could muster.
To this end, then, we believe it might be possible to use our (Church of Wicca) website to put up a page for each group that wishes to join, where they can outline their philosophy and perhaps see who salutes. After all, the website is very high up on any of the search engines, and does achieve hundreds of hits a day. Just now it is limited to promoting the Church and School of Wicca alone, but it could easily be expanded.
Your thoughts on this topic will be appreciated, especially on the idea of whether it would be an association, a consortium, an information booth, or … who knows? Let’s be very clear on one thing: We’re not talking Mount Olympus here. It might resemble a town hall, where people could reveal their thoughts and beliefs and perhaps find others of like mind. The key point is that the Church of Wicca would not be in control, except in this aspect: if we really objected to something, we could remove the page from the website–but it would have to be a very dramatic disagreement, maybe something on the level of child pornography. We don’t think such a thing will happen.


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