Calling the directions

For many years the classic universal way to call the directions has relied on Hindu tradition. Documents show that the only place in the world where the traditional directions harmonize with reality is located in the Indian or the Pakistani Punjab. Today’s set of directions is appropriate to where we are in West Virginia. We encourage you to use directions appropriate to where you find yourself on Mother Earth.

Think of growing plants and the fact that the earth supports us all, both physically and with the food we eat. Brown. Female.
The rising sun. New beginnings. Green shoots. Youth and babies. Green.
The heat of the noonday sun. Emotions. Passion. Early adulthood. Red.
The setting sun. Dark blue as the night comes on. Death.
The white of snow. Wisdom.
Pure white and palest yellow. The sky. Rain clouds: the rain that nurtures the earth. Male.
Clear spirit. The thing that motivates every living creature. Unknown and unimaginable, but pervading all the directions.

Don’t be afraid to change the calling of your directions. Use whatever feels right to you for the place you are in.
Blessed Be

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