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Ateh Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedullah, Le Olam. Amen.

(I am the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.)

In the days when we Frosts first trod the Wiccan path, we used that affirmation daily to greet the dawn. And yet … “kingdom”? “power”? “glory”? The more Yvonne thought about the frame of mind that prompted such an affirmation, the more she felt it was unbalanced. How about equal time to acknowledge a female aspect of deity? She created for her own use the version below–not to be inflicted on anyone else, but maybe to be shared among people who felt it expressed something of their own feelings–and she has used it at each dawn since.

Yvonne Enjoying Friendsgiving Dinner
Yvonne Enjoying Friendsgiving Dinner November 2019

Lady Queen, Lady Queen, Lady Queen : (1)
Shining Maiden, strong Woman, wise Crone :
Yours are dominion, power, glory. (2)
Yours are grace, nurturing, justice. (3)
Thus it is. Thus let it ever be.

Notes: (1) Because the Lady Queen is Three.
(2) Fair enough, but there’s another whole half of life to be acknowledged.
(3) An attribute approximating the way a human mind can perceive Her maidenly grade, Her womanly nurturing, Her justice born of age and wisdom, to balance the dominator-alpha-male attributes of the original version.

On general principles, we have made the affirmation below our shared expression of gratitude for the Guides’ letting us tread the path of the Craft. Use it if you like.
We are grateful for yesterday. We are grateful for today.
We honor all the things that make our lives possible.
So let it be.

Does anyone else out there have a favorite dawn affirmation that you’d like to share? Add it to the comments below.

While we are considering ritual and morning and evening activities, consider these ideas.

Holy Day Timing

Full Moon Reflection
Full Moon reflection free from Pixabay

The full moon occurring closest to November 1 (whether before or after that date) is Samhain, the great festival of change from the Lady of Spring and Harvest to the Horned Lord of Winter and Hunting. It is the night when the Veil between the Worlds is at its thinnest. The almanac says October 26 ’07 is full moon. Delightfully, during 2007 the moon will be at its closest point to this planet on the night of October 26. What a gift from the Elder Ones! Rejoice with us, in reverence and gratitude. And stay off the roads.

Full moon is a genuine and objective fact. To schedule Samhain on any other night is meaningless–indeed, irreverent. Such a travesty would make no sense, scheduling this holiest night according to some arbitrary date inflicted by Pope Gregory XIII’s calendar of 1575 CE; or inflicted by Congress; or scheduling on some date that will avoid conflict with Gomer’s bowling night. This is not to say that Samhain balls and other more mundane festivities should not be held on more convenient dates.

When it comes to your personal dedication and spiritual time of reverence, please do it this year as the moon reaches its zenith on October 26. We may see you on the astral.

A final word, for what it’s worth : The Celts counted not days but nights.
Blessed be those who live examined lives. Gavin and Yvonne


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