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Last Sunday, we dedicated another student who will eventually be initiated within our tradition. We are very excited to welcome new people into the Church and School of Wicca who wish to pursue higher Wicca learning — not just candles and fairy dust. On Wednesday, a day early, we went to a Unitarian celebration of their CUUPs group for the Summer Solstice. This Saturday, we are teaching dance again at the New River Unitarian Fellowship, Beckley, WV. See you there!

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    ajdrew| June 22, 2007 |

    So did you use the home made dildo’s on them or omit that part of your initiation service? I forget which parts of your tradition you still follow.

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    Shadowhawk| June 22, 2007 |

    Please keep in mind that AJ DREW has suffered a traumatic brain injury.It is possible his form of lunacy is treatable
    Be Well Gavin and Yvonne

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    ajdrew| June 22, 2007 |

    Shadowhawk, actually the full details on how to make home made dildos of various sizes and then use them to make an initiate ready for sexual initiation into the Frost’s tradition of Wicca are not only detailed in The Witches Bible, but the Frosts have publicly and in print stated that that such were part of the teachings of their Church and School of Wicca.

    But I am sure folk appreciate you making fun of my injury and disability. It demonstrates your character.

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    ajdrew| June 22, 2007 |

    Almost forgot:

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