An it Harm None ? – Gavin and Yvonne’s Archive –

The ostensible sacred writings of Craft people often quote the Wiccan Rede:
An it harm none, do what you will.
But what is an? We’ve seen it misunderstood by journalists, by office staff, by a range of individuals. So far as we can search out, its only current use is by Snuffy Smith of the Sunday comics, when he addresses Lowizee: “if’n”. Apparently that ‘n was once an, though it survives now only in the remotest reaches of the Smoky Mountains if at all.
An may appear in the King James version of the you-know-what, though I haven’t taken time to pursue that possibility. And in fact, I heard once somewhere that James himself insisted his scholars use a style of English already archaic, in a quest to make their translations (and incidentally his own Daemonologie) appear to be sanctified by age.
So anyhow, in my personal thinking I have dropped an altogether and replaced it with if.
What you retain or drop is a matter of your own choice.


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