a mixed-up day – numerology for today is 6

Well, yesterday we managed to get the lawn cut and some snow peas (mangetout) picked before the rains came.
In some ways it was an annoying day, because we had to take time off from the garden to discuss with the Church’s lawyers the scurrilous libelous attacks being made against us. For many years it has been our policy to deny any attackers the ego-satisfaction of a response–but this time things have simply gone too far. If our lawyers’ warning letter is ignored, we will have to proceed to federal court. That will probably be expensive, because it will involve a whole new look at the responsibility of those who host blogs containing libelous material. It may even involve suing from England, where libel laws are more strict than those in the United States. We will keep you informed of ongoing developments.
Meantime some salient points occur:
* Accusation is not proof.
* Hearsay is not evidence.
* Fanaticism masks doubt.
* Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
On a happier topic, can anyone out there tell us about second-crop fava beans? We notice that after the first crop, the bean plants are sprouting new shoots at ground level, and wonder whether we will get more beans if we let ’em grow back.
After we post this, we will be back in the garden today. The weeds take no holidays.
Blessed be. GY your dancing Wiccans

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    ajdrew| June 29, 2007 |

    Oh please Gavin, you are obviously talking about me as I am one of the only people willing to stand up to your threats and the threats of the folk who have supported you these many years. My address is of public record but in case your lawyer does not have it, here it is:

    Pagan Nation
    Attention: A.J. Drew
    4719 Reed Rd. #102
    Columbus, OH 43220-3051

    I won’t be ignoring his letter. I will be making fun of it. Any lawyer who would advise you to sue a man in Ohio for the truthful things he has said about a public figure in Virginia using an English court just has to be made fun of. You crack me up sometimes Gavin. Well, except when you are writing joyfully about deflowering virgins at the onset of puberty. What is that Gavin? 10 years old? Yep, the courts are going to love that one. I know the news media does & the world is going to take note at this years International Real Witches Ball.

    De-Frost at http://www.PaganNation.com

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