Numerology for Today is 7

The numerology for today makes this a 7 which is often thought of as chaos. For us today, all is not chaos. The green bush beans have done their thing and come in on schedule, just as the snap peas (mangetouts) have finished. Nature always seems to work even though we are having a drought and the cucumbers aren’t performing very well. The ladies wouldn’t like it; the word shrivel comes to mind. We need to talk to one of the garden devas about it. If water weren’t so expensive nowadays, we might even give them a drink. The first tomato proved once again that garden is best; storebought is for the birds.
Another milestone has been passed in that we have just corrected the second proof of our forthcoming book “The Bible of Sex Magic and Enlightenment”. I suppose this will stir the christo-pagans into another frenzy. Still, you never know. It might make some of them think. And, as Oberon Zell has told us many times, and Yvonne’s sign read in the Gay Pride Day parade, If you don’t like it, you can’t have any.
We’re going to be away at Brushwood Folklore Center through much of July. If you want to confront us there, we’d be happy to meet with you. Otherwise, keep a light in the window. We’ll be back.
By the way, for the doubters, this really is Gavin and Yvonne. One of these days we’ll figure out how to put our photo into this blog. We are not very conversant with electronic protocols. We are wondering (on that subject) about what an IP has to do to avoid being sued for libel.
Blessed be, y’all. Gavin and Yvonne

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    ajdrew| July 9, 2007 |

    Generally speaking, you can not sue an Internet Provider for libel unless they personally libel you. Doing so would be like suing the Phone Company for slander because someone slandered you over the telephone. Now if you are talking about suing what someone says on a web site, everyone is responsible for what they say just as if it were in print. As an example, if you would like to sue me for what I say here in your blog or on my web site at you can have your lawyer contact me at:

    Pagan Nation
    Attn: A.J. Drew
    4719 Reed Road #102
    Columbus, OH 43220

    So why do you want to sue me for libel? Because your book, The Witches Bible is an instructional on how and why one should torture, molest, and rape children to initiate them into Wicca? You see, you can not sue me for saying that because it is true. You provided charts, diagrams, and even instructions on how to make home made dildos.

    Or is it that you are going to sue me for saying I believe you are child molesters and rapists? I believe that because you are the head of the Church and School of Wicca and you were the head of the Church and School of Wicca when you wrote that the contents of that book were the teachings of the Church and School of Wicca. You published the statement that those were those were your teachings, that that was the only form of Wicca available at the time, and that you were Wiccan. I thus concluded that you practiced what you claimed you practiced and they’re for I “believe” that you are a child molester and rapist. I believe it is true and I have every reason to believe it is true.

    What really confuses me is how in another entry you say that you have already talked to a lawyer, are trying to decide if you should sue in England or the US and that a letter has already been sent. Now you are trying to decide how to sue for libel? According to your own blog, you had already consulted a lawyer. Isn’t that his or her job? I mean, after all lawyers do know these things right? Oh wait, your lawyer doesn’t even know that he can’t sue me in an English court because he likes English laws better.

    Gavin, just realize that your book is disguesting, your teachings are disguesting, stop publishing it, stop selling it, stop speaking at pagan festivals, take down your websites, and disincorporate the Church and School of Wicca, and issue an apology. Save what little reputation you have left & maybe you can save your reputation outside of the pagan community. Seriously, this is getting ready to spill into main stream press and who knows how that will affect your personal / financial life. I just want an end to that book and the organization that it names; The Church and School of Wicca. I don’t care about your dance instructions or what ever else you have going in your life. Just that book and its teachings.

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    David Oliver Kling| July 9, 2007 |


    I’ve been reading your rhetoric all over the Internet, and while I’m not a fan of the Frosts I am even less respect for you. Looks like you are simply trying to muster up some controversy in hopes that your crappy books will sell.

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    ajdrew| July 9, 2007 |

    David – Note that I haven’t started a single thread on the matter other than in my own blog. I am simply responding to what you and others are saying about the matter. I don’t think that makes me the one drumming things up. It makes me responding.

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    Peg| July 9, 2007 |

    That is a lie, actually. (Not surprising, I mean, look who we’re talking about).

    You did start MANY threads and discussions about this issue, until you REMOVED them from the Pagan Nation forums. Then you decided toonly write about it in your blog.

    If you continue with these lies you will lose all credibility, Mr. Drew.

    But then, you don’t have much of that to begin with.

    You are rapidly becoming an irrelevant joke. Your silly attempt to smear any pagan of standing in the community who does not agree with you or who tries to expose your lies and arrogance is proof of your desperate bid for attention.

    I suggest you quietly disappear. Your publicity stunts are going to overload you with more karmic nastiness that you’d believe, and certainly more than you can handle.

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    Shyrose| July 9, 2007 |

    Peg said…

    You did start MANY threads and discussions about this issue, until you REMOVED them from the Pagan Nation forums. Then you decided toonly write about it in your blog.

    August 7, 2007 9:01 AM

    You are correct… AJ did post MANY comments on PN reguarding the Frosts. He did remove them and repost in his blog.

    Many of us at PN were concerned that with it being posted as part of the website, with AJ being administrator, that it would look like his views were the views of PN as a whole. That is not the case.

    In any event, he is the administrator/owner of Pagan Nation and what he posts there is his business. What he moves from the threads to his blog is also his business.

    If you don’t like it…
    don’t read it.

    See how simple that is? 😉

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    ajdrew| July 9, 2007 |

    Peg, I was responding to David who stated I was starting such all over the Internet. I did say that I havent started a thing except on my blog. I mispoke by using the term blog when I could have been more specific and called it my “personal forum” on the website that I own and operate.

    You are funny. I refer to my PERSONAL forum on the website that I OWN as my blog and you anounce that I am lying. However, using the alias Nightshy, you demand that you have no idea who “Pegi Aloi” is because you go by “Peg” rather than “Pegi”.

    Lets just face the facts Peg Aloi, media coordinator for The Witches Voice, you refuse to support Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s book with your real name because you know how disguesting it is.

    Now then, you say I am destroying my reputation in the Pagan Community? What part of I do not care do you not understand. You, on the other hand, seem to care a lot about your reputation. So much so that you insist on using alias after alias to defend what the Frosts have written, but you are ever so careful not to defend the content of that book with the name that you are known by within the pagan community.

    In short, if you were a man I would say you had no balls what so ever. Why not post your review and support of the book on your blog or at The Witches Voice, tell the world the joy you seem to have recieved when you read about fathers raping their 10 year old daughters with home made dildos? Why do you not use the name you are known to the pagan community and tell the world about how you feel about their instructional?

    Because you know doing so would destroy your reputation. After all, if you thought differently you would defend what they wrote with the name folk know you by.

    Here are the quotes Peg, go ahead and defend them as Peg Aloi:

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    ajdrew| July 9, 2007 |

    On a side note – Notice that you can find my statements about this matter freely under the name everyone in the pagan community knows me as. In fact, I have even provided my mailing address here in this blog.

    I will stand for what I believe is true and right. Will you Peg Aloi? Will you defend that book with the name you are known by to The Withches Voice, to the Free the West Memphis Three, to the newspaper that you work at? Will you put your opinions on the line and let the world know how you think?

    Or will you use alias after alias and tell folk there is nothing wrong with the home made dildo instructions? Stand up Peg Aloi, stand up for what you believe, what you have said over and over under alias after alias. Stand up Peg Aloi. Stand up or shut up.

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    Jim Hootsell| July 9, 2007 |


    Photo first must be posted on a site like photobucket and saved to your account. Then sign in to both Blogger and your photo account, left click on “direct link”(on photobucket the second choice showing under the picture)it will copy and wait for you to click “Blogger Dashboard” on your toolbar. Scroll down to the Picture option and right click for menu, choose Paste option and left click. It should allow you to Save Changes at bottom of Edit Profile page. My first two tries showed error messages, until I used the link with picture saved in jpg format.

    Blessed be with Health,Wealth,Serenity.

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    Jim Hootsell| July 9, 2007 |

    Concerned that AJDrew is spinning the history lesson part of Chapter Four in my Good Witches Bible(contains all of original Witches Bible text, and updates to reflect the growth in experiences by students of Gavin and Yvonne Frost.) I cannot find any mention of abuse, incest, or rape in any of the text! It is the ancient customs of pagan tribes rights of passage to childbearing and producing healthy additions for survival of the tribes.

    Even with my permanent damage to brain and most internal organs due to near fatal auto accident in 1972, making partial recovery, I can read and ponder one book at a time and compare my understanding to other readers! How can AJDrew twist the Intent of one sentence in one chapter of one book and draw attention to the religion of Wicca in a negative fictional spirit? Sounds too much like the Christian groups who fight over interpretation of text in a man made holy book, split apart to build their own church, then repeat the same money wasting acts.

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    Catt| July 9, 2007 |

    Mr. Drew, I am one who posted on your blog about people should read Gavin and Yvonne’s books for themselves so that they may have their own informed and knowledgable decsions. Obviously, you were threatened by that for you banned me acess to your blog. I have known the Frost’s for many years. They are not pedophiles. They love children yes, and I would trust my grandchildren with them in a heartbeat, but what they wrote was history for all to know, what did in fact happen in the past, and if there were concerns there were things that could be done about it.
    What worries me about you Drew, is that people who are so quick to point fingers at others and call them a pedophile, are usually one themselves…This I learnt in Psychology in college and as a CPS worker. Stats prove me correct in this!
    You say that you want the Frost’s to abolish the Church and School of Wicca? I think perhaps Drew, you would be better advised to do the same for yourself, for even when the Frost’s leave this Earth as we know it, they will always be a major, famous,important Elder; something that you will never be. My husband and I have read your books, and the best place for them has been in the trash. We would never recommend any of your books to our students! They are pure crap and nonsense.
    Personnaly, I hope the Frost’s are able to sue you and shut you up forever, for the filth that spills out of your mouth isn’t really worth the time of writing it. I, like many feel that your crusade againist Gavin and Yvonne is simply for book sales, since you cannot obviously sell them without a scandal of some sort.
    Drew, another point perhaps you should consider. You call yourself Wiccan. Gods, I hope you are not! I quess if you do call yourself a Wiccan that you do not care about the Rule of Three or Karma either, for surely what you send out will return to you. For your own sake I would stop before it gets any worse for you!

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    Catt| July 9, 2007 |

    Drew..go away and bug yourself

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    Catt| July 9, 2007 |

    Drew…go bug yourself

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